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El ROI-The God Who Sees Me

Take a journey with "The God who sees" & deepen your walk with EL ROI.


What People Are Saying:

Anecia Lee’s El Roi class was so moving and Spirit-led. The class gave participants the freedom to explore what God’s plan is our lives under the coaching of someone who fervently walks with the Lord and listens to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Class times were spent learning about how God loves us and wants to guide us along our chosen path. Discussions between class participants were vibrant, leading to deep and thought-provoking conversations. I highly recommend Anecia Lee’s El Roi class to anyone who is interested in seeing where God wants to lead them and join Him in His kingdom work.

Ellen Graves

El Roi is truly a gift from the Lord. When I saw it, I knew it was something the God wanted me to do. During our sessions the Lord always showed up. I was able to understand, accept, and truly know what God’s purpose for my life was. Through El Roi, I gained the confidence to put my Yes on the table before the Lord. I realized that my God knows the absolute worst and the absolute best of me, and chooses to use me anyways. El Roi, sees the most authentic version of me, and loves me exactly as is. If the Holy Spirit is leading you to take this course. Please put your yes on the table, you will be more than thankful that you did. You will gain freedom, knowledge, and a sisterhood from this group. Do not wait for tomorrow, El Roi wants you to know today that He sees you.


When I first saw the study for El Roi, I first thought to myself I will do the next time. But then God pressed in to me to go on. I prayed and signed up and I am so glad I did! Anecia took this passage and opened up for us to see the importance of devotion and love God has for each one of us! He cares about what we love and care about! Also, he cares about the struggles we have and opens up wounds in our lives to be healed! I am so thankful I know Anecia and that God is using her to share this precious story in Genesis that is so overlooked

Jenny Love